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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

"MCLA's mission is to 
prepare students to 
become active, 
contributing members 
of their communities 
and leaders in their 
chosen professions. We 
understand the value of 
ife both in and outside 
of the classroom and 
place emphasis on 
providing support 
services for the 
classroom effort of a 
student as well as 
providing activities that 
enhance the student 

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

**' ~ 2003-2004 


• Seniors • 

Aziz Adjao 

Computer Science 
Pittsfield, MA 

Crystal Alcombright 

Lanesboro, MA 

Layla -Aurora Ballner 

Business Administration 
Croton-On-Hudson, NY 

• Scott Baxley • 

Business Administration/ Accounting 
I ,ist Nassau, \V 

Jane Alberti 


North Adams, MA 

Katie Babeu 


Adams, MA 

• Susan Barnes 


I anesboro, MA 

Robert Black 

Psy< Kolog) 

Maiden M \ 

• Seniors • 

• Tiffany Bowden 

English /Communications 
North Adams, MA 

Lynn Brennan 

English/ Communications 
North Adams, MA 

Andrew Briggs 

Business Administration 
VVillamstown, MA 

• Jill Campeclelli-Larlelo 

Business/ Accounting 
North Adams, MA 

Erin Connelly 


North Adams, MA 

• Brain Burmske 

Pittsfield, MA 

Emily Chase 


Housatonic, MA 

Kelly Davis 

Norwich, NY 

• Marcus Durant 

ttsfield, MA 

Trisha Farco 


arle Place, NY 

Christopher Furey 

ttsfield, MA 

• Jasmine George 

osiness Administration 

orth \il.nns, MA 

• Seniors* 

• Genoa Elder 


East Falmouth, MA 

• Frederick Ferris • 

Biology /Sports Medicine 
Williamstcnvn, MA 


i ^ 

Algecira Garcia 

Business Administration 

Dorchester. \i \ 

Jessica Goodrich 


Rome, M 

• Seniors • 

• Tanya Granger 

English /Communications 
New Britain, CT 

Tracy Hall 

Charlemont, MA 

• Jessica Horton 

Business Administration 
Adams, MA 

• Barbara Halck 

Sociology /Social Work 
Cheshire, MA 

Aletha Hayden 

Bennington, VT 

• Jason Hurley 

Business Administration 
Adams, MA 




• Jason Iannone • 

• Eva Kunce 




Uxbridge, MA 

Pittsfield, MA 

I ,«• 

Seniors • 

Allyson LaBelle 

imputer Science/Sociology 
.luris, MA 

Josh Lamothe 

>orts Medicine 
mthbridge, MA 

• Rebecca Mahar 


irth Adams, MA 

• Kelly McGuirk 

indsor, MA 

• Jennifer LaValley 


North Adams, MA 

• Danielle Leyva 


1'ittstield. MA 

- Danielle Marino 

Dalton, \l \ 

Jacob McKim 

I nglish c ommunications 

North VI. mis. \l \ 

• Seniors* 

• Jaclyn Morin 

Nevvburyport, MA 

Patrick Myers 

Pittsfield, MA 

• Brandon Navom • 

• Marc Newton 

Computer Science 


North Adams, MA 

Walpole, MA 


» ■ 




• Veronica Pappas • 


S ,: ' \ L 

• Allen Pittman 




North Adams, MA 


Rome, NY 

• Jessica Preite 


North Adams, MA 

• Thomas Rauseo 

Fine and Performing Arts 
Tewksburv, MA 

• Thomas Riley 

Hiness Administration 
alpole, MA 

Cyndi Roper 

)\vnsend, MA 

• Lisa Russell 

iglish /Communications 
loenix, AZ 

• Gina Sofia 

usiness Administration 
ennington, VT 

Seniors • 

• Nathaniel Robinson • 

Rutland, MA 

• Dannielle Rose 

Schoharie, NY 

Caedy Schultz 

Business Administation 

North Bennington, \' I 

Sarah Spollett 

I me and Pei foi ming \i ts 
Ando\ ii. \i \ 

Seniors • 

• Chris Sullivan 


Douglas, MA 

• Melissa Tenczar 

Interdisciplinary Studies 
Cheshire, MA 

• Maggy Walto 

Dalton, MA 

• Paula Wojieck • 

English/Secondary Education 
Adams, MA 

Courtney Tebo 

English /Communications 
North Adams, MA 

• Michele Toolan 

English /Communications 
North Adams, MA 

• Amanda Westerlind 

Worcester, MA 


Left: Sen and 

Josh McLain po>e tor a quick 
picture at ' >nal 

meeting in North Ad 

Below: Nat Robinson making 
faces a? he works at the I 

Night Space on can-. 
Shark\ - 

Vbove I veryot i 

|ason Hurl. 

at the Karaoke nighl 

Above Senioi I m\\a i Irai 
Ryan HI. k kail and senioi I .mi.* 
\h es ihess up to see it the) can 
w m the costume contest! 


Right: Senior Nat 
Robinson poses with Jodi 
Browning at the Annual 
Battle of the Bands held on 
Halloween. Great cos- 
tumes guys! 

Below: Seniors, Sarah 
Peterson, Jay Burnett and 
Melissa Bump strike their 
last pose in a number 
during the Harlequin first 
ever cabaret. 

Above: Gotcha Becky! 
Senior Becky Mahar can 
always been seen around 
campus lending a helping 
hand and chatting with 


Above: You don't want to mess around with this tough crew of 
Seniors! These seniors get in the spirit and dress up for the Annual 
Battle of the Bands event. 

Seniors Hard at Play! 

Left: Seniors Candice Below: Yes we'd love 

Phillips and Rhyland some cotton candy! 

Gillespi sing their hearts Senior Lauren Toughey 

out in a duet from Rent helps out at an annual 

during the 2003 cabaret. SAC event. 

I eft: Genoa 1 Ider is 
known for alwaj s being 
friendl) , laughing ^nd 
making others laugh loo' 

Abo\ e: Seniors 1 ra< j I lall 
and I rish l arco speak .it a 
S \i dinnei 

Clubs & Organizations 


Row 1 (L to R): Kristen Izzo, Melinda 
Crothers, Katie Corey, Kelly Gallagher 

Row 2 (L to R): Cyndi Roper, Kate Montaldo, 
Elizabeth Thorpe, Lynn Brennan 

Beta Lambda is currently the oldest sorority at 
MCLA. Thev were established in 1^75 under 
their brother fraternity, Beta Chi Gamma. Beta 
Lambda prides themselves in being highly 
active on campus and in the surrounding 
community. Their sisters are involved in all 
aspects of campus life including :The Beacon, 
honor societies, athletics, the Inter-Greek 
Council, Student Government, and many 
other groups. 


Row 1 (L to R): Rob Flood, Dave Ortendahl, 

Greg Lucid 

Row 2 (L to R): Patricia Malval, Rachel 
Dayton, Jade Holmes 

The purpose of Mass College Christum 

Fellowship at MCLA is to be an organization 

of students who follow Jesus Christ as Lord 

and Savior. They grow in love for God, God's 

World, God's people of every ethnicity and 

culture, and God's purpose in the world 

through spiritual , intellectual, physical and 

social pursuits. The basis of faith for this 

organization will be the biblical truths of 

Christianity, all interested are urged to join. 

Row lil to R) Melissa Gumlavt . Scorl 

Sheldon. lossu.i Bonzek 

Row 2d to Ki Elizabeth Zepp Samantha 

rhisclub teaches and performs a variet) of 
different genres ol dance I he I )ance 
i. ompanj is o\n-n to am one w ho is interested 
in learning and performing dance rhedub 

ha-- at least tw o pei foi mances a \ cat in w hu h 

dance students m the organization 
v horeograph ea< h dance routine I he club also 
bung spe< i.i I ,ii tists to dam e rehearsals to 
teach; also communirj involvement such as 
volunteering isgreatl) stressed 


Clubs & Organizations 


Row 1 (L to R): Joseph Osterhoudt, Allen 

Pittman, Michael Wojciechowski, Shawn 

Beverly, Karl Tiernan, Anne Munn 

Row 2 (L to R): Jessica Goodrich, Peter 
Wronski, Jennifer Beaton 

A newly formed club, the History Society is 

not limited to just History majors. The club 

provides students, interested in history, to 

meet together to pursue common interests. 

The History Society offers students a chance 

to organize lectures, movie nights, and trips 

to points of historical significance in the area. 

*> * «• 




Meredith Newman, Patricia Gills, Jonathan 
Barbean, Priscilla Baer, Katie Corey 

Kristin Izzo, Lynn Brennan, Erin Fielding 
Sarah Marvel, Cyndi Roper. 

The Inter-Greek Council aims to promote 
harmonious relations among the fraternity 
and sorority groups and to act as the centra 
governing body for all Greek social 
organizations. They also do programing, 
fund-raising and volunteering for the camp 
and local community. 


Jessica Goodrich, Alexandra Woolner, Laruen 
Flouo, Chris Phelon, Alex Peterkin, Kevin Ng, 

Beth Donovan 

Rian Robinson, Esther Coler, Kristy Moore, 

Andrea Lysy 

This club offers students the opportunity to 

experience the Berkshires at its finest. With so 

many resources in our area, the club benefits 

from a wide range of programs. The club 

sponsors trips year round including: fishing, 

camping alpine sledding, Whitewater rafting, 

snowshoeing, rock-climbing, skydiving and 

much more. 


Above: Kristv Moore, Jill 
Shannon, Amanda YOZZO, 
.Andrea Curless, Jason 
Hurley and Jen LaValle) 
enjoy an e\ ent at the 
\ enable Gym. 

Left: Freshman Orienta- 
tion hypnotist < auses 
m.un laughs. 

\ho\ e: I on) I tedri< k and 
back his beautiful ba< k up 
dancers pei form at a 
Karaoke e\ ent. 


Top: Three new Sigma pledges 
volunteer at the Alternative 
Spring Break Spaghetti Dinner. 

Above: Kassy Gallup and Jason 
Hurley at the NACA Conference 

Right: Dave Ortendahl and Mike 
Driscoll shown here working at 
the Summer Orientation evening 


Clubs & Organizations 


L to R: Joseph Osterhoudt, Allen Pittman 

This organization's objectives are to familiar- 
ize the student bodv with local, state, and 
national political issues. It provides a vehicle 
for understanding the political process in the 
Jnited States on all levels. The purpose of the 
club is to develop theories of the common 
interest in the filed of political science though 
guest speakers and to exchange opinions, 
ideas and theories on various science issues. 

Pi Upsilon Omega Sorority: 
PINES Women 

Row 1 (L to R): Kara Tajima, Jessica VVenig, 
Priscilla Baer, Patricia Gillis, Hallie Lipa 

Row 2 (L to R): Julie Bernstein, Erin Fielding, 
Jasmine George, Heidi Deeter, Melanie 

Row 3 (L to R): Aisling Kierans, Lora Samagaio, 
Meredith Newman, 

We are a local sororitv who participates in many 
school and communitv activities. In addition to 
all of the communitv service we do, we still 
make time for social gatherings with other 
Greeks and athletic organizations We sisters 
hold the strong bond of sisterhood close to our 


Rian Rabideau, Phil Buck, Kristin Hurlej I rin 
Leith, Brian Nocerino, [osh Paine, \m\ 
Simansk) Mikei ienrile, locelj n Richards, Anne 
Kirkpatru k. [en I aValley , less t onga 1 tan 
Summers, Stephaine Romig, Doug Wildei 
Amanda ^ ozzo, 1 is.i Russell, [ill Shannon, I ).n e 
Ortendahl, Melissa Guinlaw f TrishFarco, Nikki 
I osa\ hv k.itln Murphj I mil) Spilman 

Nol pictured 
Samantha *■ esario 

RPS is .1 group built up ol three Resident 
Directors and twent) two Resident Idvisors 

l lu-\ h ah h n\ ei the resideru e area* -is m ell .is 
plan programs and ■< ii\ iiies foi both there 
residents and the college communit) as a 

w hule 


Clubs & Organizations 


List of Sisters not in order: 

Suzanne Altman, Amanda Bourdreault, 

Heather Davis, Kate Ivy, Maggie Mango, 

Stephanie Romig, Melanie Somes, Lauren 

Toughev, Kristin Whitney 

Not pictured: Heather Aquafresca, Lindsay 
Dickinson, Jenny Love, Leigh Reinhardt 

Our purpose is to foster and promote the 

ideals and principles of the Delta Phi Epsilon 

International Sorority. The members assist 

with many MCLA and community events 

throughout the year. 

rf\ rv \ n 


Row 1 (L to R) Amanda Westerlind, Ryan Quini 
Ryan Hanley, Ryan Blackall, Jennifer LaValle] 
Celia Norcross (Advisor) 

Row 2 (L to R) Jessica Conger, Jessica Soko 
Kevin Sullivan, Jason Hurley 

This council is the primary student program- 
ming group at MCLA. SAC sponsors such 
events as concerts, dances, entertainers, 
Spring Fling, and much more. Membership 
consist of students committed to providing 
the best entertainment possible. 


List of SGA members not in order: 

Jasmine George , Becky Newton, Tim 

McNamera, Craig Cathers, Sonia Watts, 

Sean Fielding, Bobby Black, Anne Kirkpatrick, 

Dave Ortendahl, Krista Anthony, Heather 

Aquafresca, Daniel Barboza, Meg Coackly, 

Leon David, Heather Lucas, Patricia Marval, 

Jacob McKim, Alex Morash, Jenny O'Maere, 

Ron Otero, Steven Parenteau, Mike 

Wojciechowski, Justin Giuliani, Dave Owens- 

Brance, Shaun Beaverly, Amanda Boudreault, 

Lynn Brennan, Amanda Hayden, Jessica 

Skinner, Linda Sou, Jenny Beaton, Nikki 


SGA through its clubs, organizations, and 

committees, offers the college community a 

wide variety of activities and programs to 

fulfill their educational goals. 


Above: Students perform 

tn a number from Once 
on tlii< Island" during 
Harlequin's first e\ er 

Above: Janice Hill & Jess Wenig perform 
.is the "Commercial Girls" .it the K .<■ 
Annual talent show. 

Lett: KA Anne K in. k speaks to the 
in< oming students (.luring Summer 
( hientation. 


■^g ^^^ ^PJt^U jUHB -o^^^B^S 

Mb^K T l 





■■■■ 'l%Bp r< V 



/> "^W .^fl 1 


MA . m 



Top: RA's and friend have a blast 

at the dress-up 

Halloween Battle of the Bands 

Above: Courtney Parker love 
working in the SGA office. 

Right: Pine Sisters hang out after a 
great performance at the IGC 
Variety Show. 


Clubs & Organizations 


Row 1 (L to R): Ryan Quinn, Ryan Hanley, 
Michael Gentile, Jessica Manna, Nicholas 
Muscato, Core\ McDonough, Ashanti Lee 
Row 2 (L to R): Jada Holmes, Mike Driscoll, 
Maxwell Sharkey, Sonja Ashton, Courtnev 

WJJW is a student-managed noncommercial, 
educational FM radio station at MCLA. WJJW 
operates at 91.1 on the FM dial at the power 
output of 423 watts, which enables the station 
to serve the Northern Berkshire area as well 
as the MCLA community with the rxM in 
educational programming. Progress and 
contemporary music, national and local news 
and sports. The staff and management of 
WJJW consists of interested students who 
receive no money for their work. 

Right: Ashley and Melanie 

are caught on camera 

hanging out during 

summer orientation. 

Left: Students \ow to hang 
out on the raconi< I awn 
during Summer Orientation. 

Above: Students can 
usually be found hangin 
out in Hoosac Harbor. 

Right: Tony Dedrick can always be 
seen having a good time at MCLA 


Clubs & Organizations 

Below: Corey McDonough 
mingles at the Karaoke 
event in Sharkv's. 

Abo\ e: Ben Asse enjoj s tin- 
Spaghetti I hnner in the 
1 [arbor. 

l eft [ess Sokol and Ke\ in 
Sulli\ an make quiet a pair; 
fries and a green giant! 


LARGE CENTER: Professor Brian Fitzpatrick shows off his musical talents on the piano. 

UPPER LEFT: Sgt. Joe Charon of Public Safety is caught supervising CC's Cafe. 

MIDDLE LEFT: You can always see faculty and staff members at college events like Terrie Laliberte and her son 

shown here. 
LOWER LEFT: Joe Dzbenski from Facilities can always be seen making repairs on campus equipment. 



loach Gotham reving up the Men's basketball team before a Diane Collins and VISTA, Elaine Gibavec in Diane's office. 

Above: [err) Miller 
enjoying the Chris 
Biello corned) show 
at I lomecoming 

1 eft Dean Kalidd 
introduces himself to 
the new students si 
transfer Orientation 

Kbove: Emily Spilman displaying a sign during tin 
leadership ( Conference 2004. 



Dr. Mary Grant is the eleventh president of the Massachusetts College of 
Liberal Arts, serving in this role since 2002. She came to MCLA from the 
University of Massachusetts where she served as the chief academic office and 
deputy C.E.O. of the UMassOnline as well as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for 
Administration and Finance and Human Resources at UMass Boston. She also 
held the position of Director for the Center for Social Policy at the John W. 
McCormack Institute of Public Affairs, where she continues to hold the rank of 
Senior Fellow. Dr. Grant serves on numerous boards, including the Norman 
Rockwell Museum, Northern Berkshire Health Systems and the Pittsfield 
Economic Development Authority. She is a member of the Governor Mitt 
Romney's Berkshire County Regional Competitiveness Council and an associate 
of the Nellie Mae Foundation. Recently she was selected the 2003 Woman of 
Achievement by the Statewide Organization for Massachusetts Business & 
Professional Women (BPW). 

To the Class of 2004, 1 wish you every success as 
you leave MCLA and hope that you will stay in 
touch with us, inform us of your achievements 
and become active members of the Alumni 

Mary K. Grant, Ph.D. 
President of MCLA 

Robert Bence 
History /PoliSci 

Harold Brotzman 

Mary Ellen Cohane Diane Collins 

Communications Student Government 

Lee Dagle 
Student Affairs 

Charlotte Degen 
Student Affairs 


Jerry Desmarais 

Finance and 

Stephen Green 
Academic Affairs 

Melissa Hutchins 
Student Affairs 

Ben Jacques 

Scott Kalicki 
Dean of Students 

Alia Kucher 

Paul LeSage 

John Lopes 
Student Affairs 

Doug McNeil 
Public Safety 

Scott Nichols 

Celia Norcross 
Student Affairs 

John O'Connor 

Matthew Silliman 

"i' | # * tiiliiWr"T"T " " ' """^ ^"~ v ' 

Judy Ozolins 
Student Affairs 

Emily Spilman 

Res. Programs & 


Carl Villanueva 
Media Services 

Donald Washburn 

John Lopes and Joe I >zbenski stop to chat at the 
2001 Spring Fling. 



Joe Arabia relaxing with his daughter at the 2003 Spring Fling 

\likr c loodv\ m .it the c hi is \ is i \\ \irliss.i and I laine .it 
Biello corned) show the Uternative Spring Break 

Spaghetti I Hnna 


iSaL Trailblazer Athletics 




Why We Play Division III Athletics 

It's not about getting a scholarship, getting drafted, or making SportsCenter. It's a deep need in us 
that comes from the heart. We need to practice, to play, to lift, to hustle, to sweat. We do it all for our 
teammates and for the students in our calculus class that we don't even know. We don't practice with 
a future major league first baseman; we practice with a future sports agent. We don't lift weights with 
a future Olympic wrestler; we lift with a future doctor. We don't run with a future Wimbledon 
champion; we run with a future CEO. It's a bigger part of us than our friends and family can under- 
stand. Sometimes we play for 2,000 fans; sometimes 25. But we still play hard. You cheer for us 
because you know us. You know more than just our names. Like all of you, we are students first. We 
don't sign autographs. But we do sign graduate school applications, MCAT exams, and student body 
petitions. When we miss a kick or strike out, we don't let down an entire state. We only let down our 
teammates, coaches, and fans. But the hurt is still the same. We train hard, lift, throw, run. kick, 
tackle, shoot, dribble, and lift some more, and in the morning we go to class. And in that class we are 
nothing more than students. It's about pride in ourselves, in our school. It's about our love and 
passion for the game. And when it's over, when we walk off that court or field for the last time, our 
hearts crumble. Those tears are real. But deep down inside, we are very proud of ourselves. We will 
forever be what few can claim. athletes. -Author Unknown 

Women's Soccer 


Men's Soccer 


2003 Women's Soccer Team 

Not in Order: Coach D. Raber. K.. Musante. L. Brennan, B. Hamlin, C 
Spath*. J. O'Meara, J. Peimer, Asst. Coach C Baffuto, K. Chiocca, 
K. Taxiera, H. Stoll. S. Walker, M. Tucker, C Barna, S. Lazala, K. 
Lorenz, M. Coakley, M. Staron, K. Lewis, K. Dismuke, J. Alberti*. K. 

Davis*, C Tebo*, L. McKenzie, J. Moore. J. Raftery 

2003 Men's Soccer Team 

Top: K. Alexander, W. Home. M. Boyan, M. Denis Z. Natale, A. 
Jolicoeur, M. Giovine, T. Hevey, J. Schofield, D. McAvoy Middle: R. 
Shewcraft. J. Macksey, M. Capaldo. J. Thompson, C Whaylan, R. 

Hnatonko, A. Donovan, A. Hildabrand, P. Ruckdeschel Bottom: F. 

Viquez. A. McClure, J. Rigoli*, T.Lau*, C Cullen*, R. Viquez, G. 

Above: Senior Crysta 

Spath and 


Senior Jane Alberti 

each take a shot on goal 

during their 2003 




2003 Softball Team 


2003 Baseball Team 

Left: Senior catcher 
Courtney Tebo 
signalsto the outfield 

Right: Coach Puleri 
calls a team meeting 
before the game. 

■^ -^lf 

I fit Senior [ess 
Sinopoli waits to pitch. 

Right: Junior Dave 
( lalvagni Bwings at .1 

piti h. 



Women's Basketball 


Men's Basketball 





2003-2004 Women's Basketball Team 

Top: K. O'Brien, A. Clark, K. Saad, K. Lewis, D. Tyer 

Bottom: B. Willis, A. Haden 

2003-2004 Men's Basketball Team 

Top: R. Mitchell, T. Riley, K. Yonce, A. Pichardo, T. Broughton, 
C. Leaston 

Bottom: B. Phillips,C.Columbus,J. Krohl,M. Harmon, D.CogdeH 

M. Januario, G. Mills 

Above: Senior Captain Amanda 
Rayden accepts gilts from her 
parents. Coach Tez Kraft and 
her teamates during her final 
game as a Irailbla/er. 

Above: Senior Glenn Mills scores his 1 000th career point during his senior 
game He is seen here celebrating with hi-, family. 

Left I had 

Broughton looks tor 
ap> an open team 

Right l cam members look on 

Wa g anxiousl) Foi the ball to 

be thrown into plas 

member to pass the 
ball to. 


Away from the field 

MCLA ath- 
letes partici- 
pate in many 
Service and 
team building 

Above: Tom Hevey & Kerry Dismuke try to finish al 
their sandwiches first without laughing! 

Left: Freshman Meg Coakley tries to make a basket 
while wearing "beer goggles." 


Club Sports 

I he club hockey program was 
started thi^ year after the 
Varsity hockej program was 

cut from the athletic budget 
over the summer. A few 
members oi the hockey team 
began the club and raised 
most ot the funds for the club 

A lesser 
known aspect 
athletics is the 
club sports 
which include 
the Ski Club, 
Rugby and 
This is the 
first year for 
both the 

Volleyball and 
Hockey Club. 



Left: Indoor soccer team member looks h 
pass the ball. 

Below: Joe Lamoureux tries to block a shot b' 
Jose Ramos at a 4 on 4 IM basketball game. 


are a popular 

activity on 

campus, they 

give students 

and staff alike 

a chance to 

take a break 

from their 

studies and 

have some 



Left: Tom LeBeau and John Kopera 
take time to play around before a 
wiffleball game. 

Below: The intramural is almost 
completely student run. Michael 
Tucker, Jane Alberti and Scott 
Patenaude take score during a 
basketball game. 

Below: Regina Diemand runs for 
first base after a hit during a 
wiffleball game. 

I eii foe Pelosi goes up for a laj up 

during a basketball game 


MassachusettsCollegeof Liberal Arts 

2003-2004 Yearbook 

"The happiness which 

we receive from 

ourselves is greater 

than that which we 

obtain from our 

surroundings. . . 

The world in which a 

person lives shapes 

itself chiefly by the 

way in which he or 

she looks at it."